Tolas Natural Bourbon
Tolas Natural Bourbon Tolas Natural Bourbon Tolas Natural Bourbon

This is a small amount of a natural / dry processed bourbon from Arnaud! His bourbons are super sweet and dense, and this one is enhanced by berry and fig like notes from meticulous dry processing. 

The Pichincha producing region is located just a couple hours north of Quito. French-born agronomist Arnaud Causse’s Las Tolas estate is located in a small valley just off of the highway from the City.

Arnaud’s agronomy experience is extensive. He grew up in France in the mountains outside of Provence. After declining mandatory military service, he was shipped off to work on a Robusta plantation in Gabon. When his service was finished, he spent many years working on coffee projects in Ethiopia and Rwanda and in Dominican Republic. From there he moved to El Salvador, then to Costa Rica, and eventually landed in Ecuador where he owns and actively manages Las Tolas. 

Las Tolas has outstanding altitude (1,800-2,100 meters), fertile soils, and receives an annual average of 1,700 mm of rainfall. Arnaud planted a couple dozen hectares more than 10 years ago with some beautiful varietals that he brought from El Salvador: Tekisik Bourbon, Caturra, and Pacamara.

We were fortunate to purchase a small quantity of this beautiful lot. This is an exceptionally clean high-grown bourbon with lots of body and natural sweetness enhanced by balanced berry and fig-like fruitiness.

Location:  Pichincha 
Producer:  Arnaud Causse
Varietal:    Bourbon
Process:    Natural / Dry Processed
Altitude:    1,800 - 2,100