Hambela Hassan Sundried Natural

In contrast to wet process, or “washed” coffees (where the skin and pulp are removed through mechanical means and fermentation), natural processed coffee is dried with the fruit and pulp remaining on the bean, allowing the coffee fruit’s flavors to be absorbed by the seed. The resulting taste profile is fruity, with an enhanced mouthfeel and viscosity. At Great Circle, we like naturally processed coffees because of their approachability and because of the excitement they incite from coffee drinkers—particularly when tasted for the first time!

"Hambela Hassan", refers to both the location of the processing station where the coffee comes from, Hambela, as well as the owner, Kedir Hassan. The coffee is pulled from several neighboring villages in Ethiopia's Guji Zone, not far from Yirga Cheffe, and mixed together by both coffee growing region, and date of delivery. Hassan produces both wet and dry processed coffees. He's an extremely proficient and capable engineer as well, and built the entire Hambela processing station in one season. The Hambela Station sits at just over 1,800 meters above sea level, and the growing areas top out at around 2,200+ meters!

This is a clean and sweet naturally processed coffee, with strawberry and raspberry-like notes which complement a delicious chocolatey undertone, an orange like acidity, vanilla and savory notes in the fragrance and a full, syrupy body.

Location:  Guji Zone, Ethiopia
Producer: Kedir Hassan
Varietal:    Indigenous heirloom
Process:   Sundried Natural
Altitude:    1,900 - 2,100 m.