Maria Jeanne Guerrero
Maria Jeanne Guerrero Maria Jeanne Guerrero Maria Jeanne Guerrero

This is a fantastic, organically grown, small lot from La Coipa, San Ignacio Perú in the Cajamarca region. Maria Calderon and her family have been farming on Finca El Manantial for generations. 

On average Maria produces 84 quintals (1 quintal is equal to 100 kg) of parchment coffee per season and is working to increase her production with the intent of increasing quality as well. Maria has a vision for the future. She would like to see her farm used as a model for other farmers to learn from.

One challenge that many coffee producers in this area face is coffee leaf rust. Through support from Alpes Andino and neighboring farmers, Maria has implemented better land practices to help offset issues like plant diseases.

Bringing experience from his work at Santuario, leader Eric Jarra, along with 25 producers from Barro Negro, began Alpes Andino on January 27th 2019 and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for this group. Working in Huabal and La Coipa (similarly to Santuario), Eric has a long history of integrity and a priority of ensuring farmers receive a fair wage. The fruits of his labor are reflected in the exemplary cup quality this coffee has.

Total partner membership at the cooperative has reached 150 producers The organization focuses on providing workshops around quality improvement. Each producer has their own beneficio and solar dryer. Parchment is measured to 11% water content before sent to the dry mill in Chiclayo. We came across a very small lot of this coffee in discussions related to other coffees we buy that come from the Chiclayo mill and we fell in love : ).

This beautiful coffee has notes reminiscent of apple pie, walnut, caramel de leche

Location:  La Coipa, San Ignacio, Cajamarca
Producer: Maria Jeanne Guerrero Calderon
Varietals:  Pache, Typica, Caturra 
Altitude:   1,800 – 2,000 m.
Process:  Fully washed