Nigusse Lemma Sundried Natural

In contrast to wet process, or “washed” coffees (where the skin and pulp are removed through mechanical means and fermentation), natural processed coffee is dried with the fruit and pulp remaining on the bean, allowing the coffee fruit’s flavors to be absorbed by the seed. The resulting taste profile is fruity, with an enhanced mouthfeel and viscosity. At Great Circle, we like naturally processed coffees because of their approachability and because of the excitement they incite from coffee drinkers—particularly when tasted for the first time!

This beautiful sundried natural coffee comes from a single family-owned farm in Meto Gundb, in the Limu region of southwestern Ethiopia. The farm owner, Lemma Edeto, began working with coffee nearly 60 years ago and has passed down his knowledge to his two sons Haile and Nigusse. Lemma recovered the farm after it had been confiscated by the Derg in the 1970’s. Now both sons are responsible for maintaining the farm. The Lemma family also processes and mills their own coffee, giving them full control over the finished product up to the final export stage.

Nigusse and his family have been recognized for winning the African Taste of Harvest Competition, an award given by the African Fine Coffee Association.

This is a clean and sweet naturally processed coffee, with plenty strawberry and raspberry-like notes which complement a delicious chocolatey undertone and syrupy body.

Location:  Limu region, Ethiopia
Producer: Various smallholders
Varietal:   Indigenous heirloom
Process:   Sundried Natural
Altitude:    2,000 - 2,200 m.