Amaya 200
Amaya 200 Amaya 200

This experimental process caturra from Huila Colombia is wild and funky. Think cherry liqueur and dark, high %, fruity cacao bar. Reminiscent of Mon Cheri chocolates, sweet and winey—comparable to the funky delicious flavors we love from natural wines.

This coffee was grown by Rafael Amaya at the farm La Virginia at 1,700 – 1,800 masl, and processed in enclosed tanks with a low oxygen environment seeking controlled anaerobic fermentation. The cherries were then sun-dried as a natural in raised drying beds during 19 days, in temperatures oscillating between 14 – 23 Celsius.  

If you haven't tried coffees produced with experimental processing this is a wonderful example to dip into that funky world. 

Location:  Timaná, Huila
Producer: Rafael Amaya
Variety:     Caturra
Altitude:   1,700 – 1,800 m.
Process:   200 hr anaerobic fermentation natural