Jairo Arcila <br> UVA Co-ferment
Jairo Arcila <br> UVA Co-ferment Jairo Arcila <br> UVA Co-ferment Jairo Arcila <br> UVA Co-ferment

This is the WILDEST, FUNKIEST coffee we’ve had to date and we’re THRILLED to share it with you.

This is a tiny lot of the now famous “Pink Bourbon” variety (or Rosado as it’s now being called), grown in Quindio, Colombia. Genetic testing revealed that this variety is in fact unrelated to bourbon, and is instead an Ethiopian landrace.

Carefully selected ripe cherries are fermented in 2 phases. First, in-cherry to maximize the coffee fruit’s natural flavor potential and second, de-pulped and co-fermented with natural grape. Wine yeast is utilized to further activate the fermentation process of both the coffee and grapes. It is a process that takes 2-3 days.

Finally the coffee is carefully dried and sorted and goes through rigorous QC processes.

The result is an incredibly fruity, funky, complex coffee with very intense notes reminiscent of natural red wine, fruity cacao and raisins with a bright citrus-like acidity. It’s WILD and we love it!

Location:  Armenia, Quindio
Producer: Jairo Arcila, Santa Monica
Variety:     “Pink Bourbon” / aka Rosado
Altitude:    1,450 – 1,550 m.
Process:   Grape / Wine Yeast Co-fermentation