Danche Washed
Danche Washed Danche Washed Danche Washed

The small village of Danche is a sub-kebele (community) of Worka Chelbessa, which is located in Gedeb, the most southern part of the Gedeo region. For the last decade, the area of Worka Chelbessa has become more and more well known for producing spectacular coffees, and this is why this area was one of the first places that coffee entrepreneur Neguesse Debela wanted to invest in when he started in coffee.

In 2017, Neguesse started operating his first site in Worka Chelbessa, but quickly expanded in 2019 by buying another washing station a few kilometers away in a small area sub area of Worka Chelbessa called Danche. The two sites, run by Negusse and his family, execute immaculate washed and natural processed coffees, but also create unique experimental lots in an effort to always keep improving their quality.

The Danche washing station utilizes the traditional underwater fermentation commonly used in Ethiopia. In underwater fermentation the coffee is fully submerged in water for 36 to 48 hours normally, but the process can take longer. After fermentation the coffee is dried for 10-14 days on raised beds.

Gedeb is the southern most woreda (district) of the Gedeo Zone, and in comparison to other areas, coffee is somewhat newer to this area. Many farms here have only been growing coffee for 1 or 2 generations, and much of the coffee is only 20-30 years old. Farms in this area tend to be slightly larger than in the northern part of Yirgacheffe, but are still relatively small-averaging around 1.5 -2 hectares. 

The washed Danche profile has sparkling and pronounced-acidity with clear and fragrant florals such as lavender, peach, citrus, plums with a simple syrup like sweetness.

Location:  Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Producer: Neguesse Debela and various smallholders
Varietal:    Local Landraces
Process:    Fully washed
Altitude:   2,000 - 2,200 m.