Halo Hartume
Halo Hartume Halo Hartume Halo Hartume

The Mijane family has run washing stations in the Gedeb region of the Gedeo zone for decades, and one of their goals is to export traceable coffee from each kebele (the smallest administrative division in Ethiopia) in Gedeb separately.

The washing station at Halo Hartume is a few kilometers from Gedeb town in the Gedeo zone. However, it is only accessible by a dry weather road and if it’s raining, you either have to walk the few kilometers to the station or use a motorbike to get there. The station itself is situated in a valley surrounded by the hills of Halo Hartume, where the coffee is grown. Like most of the area around Gedeb, the hills vary in altitude from 2000 to 2200 meters above sea level.

The washing station receives cherries from 396 smallholders in the area between mid-October to January. The Halo Hartume washing station workers de-pulp, wash and then dry on 230 African drying beds before they store the coffees in one of the two on-site warehouses.

The Halo Hartume cup profile is classic Yirgacheffe; sparkling and pronounced-acidity with tremendous amounts of florals such as violet and jasmine, lemon, and peach and a toffee like sweetness.

Location:  Gedeb, Yirgacheffe
Producer: Woras and Daniel Mijane and Team
Varietal:    Local Landraces
Process:    Fully washed
Altitude:   2,000 - 2,200 m.