Inmaculada Fellows Anaerobic
Inmaculada Fellows Anaerobic Inmaculada Fellows Anaerobic Inmaculada Fellows Anaerobic

The story of Inmaculada Coffee Farms begins with the Holguín-Ramos family and its long history in the sugar cane and oil palm industry, and decided in 2010 to venture into a specialty coffee project in order to give back to the community and to the environment of Pichindé more than nine decades of affection; This is how "Inmaculada Coffee Farms" was born.

The farm is globally recognized for producing some of the most exotic coffee species and varieties including Eugenoides, Gesha, Sudan Rume and Laurina. Their coffees have been featured by some of the best coffee competitors worldwide.

Fellows’ farms is an Inmaculada Farm project aimed to improve farmers quality of life by helping them to enhance their agronomical and picking practices while combining it with Inmaculada’s know-how and access to a better price point.

Inmaculada works with a group of farmers in the Cauca department in the municipalities of Tambo, Piendamó and Caldono. Together they sum around 60 Hectares of Colombian varieties planted in an agroforestry concept with trees and shrubs so they can protect their crops of adverse weather conditions.

Inmaculada processes these coffees using their Anaerobic Carbonic Maceration process to standardize the flavor profile from the various producers.

In the case of this lot, it is a mix of pink bourbon (rosado) variety and castillo. The blend is well structured and the fermentation profile gives it a vibrant profile full of notes of strawberry, red fruit, sparkling citrus and stone fruit with very intense sweetness. 

Location:   Pichindé, Valle del Cauca
Producer: Inmaculada and various smallholders
Variety:     Pink Bourbon and Castillo
Altitude:   1,700 – 2,000 m.
Process:   Anaerobic/Carbonic maceration natural