Guji Siko
Guji Siko Guji Siko

Coffees from the southern zone of Guji, Ethiopia used to be classified and sold under the "Sidamo" umbrella. However, over the last decade, the region of Guji has been deservedly recognized as a separate producing area - becoming one of the most prized areas for coffee quality in the country.

The Siko area is being developed because of the high-quality of the coffee and to support the wonderful people in the area whom are well-versed in coffee processing. All of these factors allow them to produce top-quality lots.

The coffee trees around the Siko village are still young, and are nurtured through remarkable agroecology. The coffee is shade-grown under false banana trees, among other types trees traditionally used for shading coffee.

To wash this coffee, cherries are placed in water for sorting, as the less dense cherries will float and the denser ones will sink. Eco-pulpers are used to remove the skin, resulting in parchment.

Mucilage is removed by keeping the parchment coffee in a fermentation tank for two to three days. The coffee is placed in a soaking tank for 12 hours, then put on a raised beds to dry for approximately two weeks.

The dried coffee is sorted once more to find any beans that may have been damaged in the process, and is then sent for dry processing. Finally, it is packaged and ready to export.

We are in love with this coffee because of its tropical fruit-like notes, bright citrus and floral character and its deep caramel-like sweetness.

Location:  Siko Village, Guji Region
Producer: Various smallholders
Varietal: Local Landraces, Dega Landrace, and 1974 JARC Selections
Process: Fully washed
Altitude: 1,900 - 2,100 m.